• I Am a Screw | 吾輩は螺子である

    Based on his personal experience riding the subway in Tokyo, Ziyi discusses how modernization in Japan relates to alienation.

  • In Transit: Navigating Between Two Worlds | Em trânsito: navegando entre dois mundos

    Bárbara Cruvinel Santiago reflects on the challenges of embracing the habits of her American peers, while trying to remain connected to her Brazilian roots as she transitions into adulthood.

  • Life: A Tram Ride | Leben: Eine Fahrt mit der Straßenbahn

    Through an anecdote about riding the tram in Düsseldorf, Germany, Reilly retraces her past and explores her conflicting sense of home.

Read more Check out our new Spring 2016 Issue "In Transit"!

Check out our new issue "In Transit"!

We spend so much of our lives on the move -- from a bus to a train, from a home to a dorm, from one continent to another. What are some memorable journeys that you have experienced? What does transitioning, be it geographical, spiritual or personal, mean to your family and your culture? From chance encounters on planes to reflections on the current refugee crises, this semester we are looking for your take on what "in transit" means to you.

Corruption’s Lasting Impact: Why Ukrainians Are Different | Тривалий вплив корупції: чому Українці Інші

By Yurii Sokolov – College of The Albermarle

In this article, Yurii describes the heavily corrupted society of Ukraine. He speculates on how growing in...