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Issue #5: Empire

On the 100th anniversary of the start of the “War to End All Wars,” a war that signaled the end of the imperial age and the rise of new spheres of influence, our writers have come together to reflect upon how the world has changed since the height of the Imperial Age and to ask what “empire” means today.

Nowhere like Israel

By Clarey Zhu, TC’16

Interning in the booming Israeli startups and venture capital industry throughout the war this summer

I have been working and living...

墨西哥城的四小时 / Four Hours in Mexico City

By Yifu Dong, BR’17

“You need a visa,” the customs officer in Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City said to me in the...

In Search of Austro-Hungarian Architecture

By Isidora Stankovic, TD ’16

Whenever I go to Belgrade, after I overcome my jetlag, I like to explore the city by hopping on...

From QQ to WeChat

By Rushika Pattni, SY’15 Rushika talks about the popularity of WeChat among the youth in China, but also its widespread influence among marketers and...

¿Qué se le ha perdido a España en Perú?

By Melina Sánchez Montañés, TC’15As part of her internship in the Spanish Embassy, Melina had the opportunity to collaborate with the visit to Lima...

我知道你为什么盯着我看!/The Stare

By Yifu Dong, BR’17

In a new country, what is hardest to digest?

The Stare

After four days in Quito, I fell sick. I tried my...

La educación en las relaciones internacionales

By Lucía Baca, PC ’17 After sampling several IR classes at Argentine universities, Lucía explores the role of cultural exchanges in IR education and...