• Il mio caffè

    In this article, Alessandro explores the meaning of coffee as an Italian ritual and tradition. He introduces us to coffee etiquette and then analyzes the deep sociological implications of “Italian- style respite.”

  • 浴衣を着ること

    In this article, Ring discusses the meaning of putting on a yukata.

  • Festa do Espirito Santo

    Helder Toste explains the origin of the festival of the Holy Spirit, an important religious ritual that has grown in importance and popularity around the world, and describes how it is celebrated in immigrant Portuguese communities.

  • 出POOL饭

    What do college students in Hong Kong do after they get into relationships? Yujing Liu, an exchange student from the University of Hong Kong, explains that they take their friends to a so-called “out-of-pool treat.”

  • Ατέλειωτοι  Κύκλοι

    Can a ritual transcend the boundaries of time? Greek folk dancing survives as one of the few invaluable traditions that continues bringing people together for centuries.

  • Запах воспоминаний

    Scents. How important are they in our emotional life, if at all? Yulia and her friend Natalia believe that scents recreate emotional memories that otherwise would be doomed to be forgotten.

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Issue #8: "Ritual"

In our eighth issue, Accent explores the idea of Ritual in various cultures, from the most meaningful to the everyday.

קצב השלום

By Talia Katz, ES’17 ,

In Tomboronkoto, Senegal, a rich tradition of communal greetings structures each day’s rhythm. This ritual, which once served as a...

De Traditie van Sinterklaas: Wanneer een Feestdag en Racisme Samenkomen

By Olivier Van Donselaar, BK ’17

In this article, Olivier discusses the holiday of Sinterklaas — a version of Christmas in the Netherlands....

טקס ילדות

by Nancy Jiang, CC’16

В деревне

by Polina Puzacheva

Reminiscing about her childhood and summer days spent in a village with her grandmother, Polina Puzacheva finds...


By Anna Brundtland,

Many countries have a tradition of celebrating an ancient battle. In this article, Anna Brundtland, a student at the Jackson Institute for...

الأرز والبدوي: دور المنسف في تشكيل الوطنية الأردنية

By Alejandra Padin-Dujon, DC ’18

In the Levantine corner of the Arab world, mansaf denotes many things: lamb cooked in yogurt, nationalism, Bedouin hospitality… but...

Was ist Martinmas?

by Marie Freudenburg, BR ’19

To most Americans, Thanksgiving means a crisp autumn day of pumpkin pie, a turkey dinner, and festivities. In Germany though,...